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My 2022 Lambs

Meet Fiona and her little B generation daughters. They were born March 29.  


Meet Lulu, she was only 2 pounds when she arrived. which is way too small to stay with mom, so she has become our little bottle love. 

fiona and baby 2022.jpg

Beatrice had to show us what she could do next by presenting us with twin AP girls. Of course, it looks like the first one will have a lovely set of blue eyes, so she has out done her sister at least with that.

right b 2.jpg
left b 1.jpg

Here is Maddy and she certainly had some tough luck this year, she lost her little girl during delivery, but she did just fine with this little guy. He is my first C ram and being an only child, he is getting so much to eat, you can see him grow every day. 


Matilda had such a beautiful little Generation A girl this year. I think she is one of the cutest lambs we have ever had. 

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