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​My Rams 


Meet my little FP Rudy. He has gone through more changes than any other. He was one of the most get your hands off me, to one of the let's see what you're doing now, can I help, are we going to eat pretty soon?! Oh, it just goes on and on with him. He was such a show stopper at the State Fair I certainly want him to go back for his final year.



This is Stanley, a C ram. I was not anticipating such a gem. He is so sweet, and delicate. His friend Henry has taught him to eat crackers and cookies, any time you need them, shake the cookie jar and here they come!

I know he is going to give us some incredible lambs to add to our flock.



This is my little Peter. He was a product of the year of the Rams! He's an A generation, and a sweeter little guy you could not ask for. He has turned out to be just about as perfect size and color as I could ever want. 



This is Lester, he and Peter are the best of friends and are so adventurous! He is my B generation ram. This year he has certainly proven his worth at my house. He produced some of prettiest babies we have ever had. 

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