This is our little guy Hunter he is an F2 and I think he will make a great addition to my larger plan. 

I see in him some great color, a playful disposition, and a loving nature. For a ram that is a must have for me.

His size is right where I would like him. A bit on the stocky side, as well as compact.  So I have good expectations for him in the years to come.





This is who I have named Henry, he is an FP. Now,  from almost the moment I saw him I was impressed with the way he behaved and as he has not let me down so far.  He has an incredible disposition as well as a personality that you just can't help but fall in love with.

I hope he will continue to be a great addition for years to come.


This is my new Stanley, a C ram.  I wasn't counting on what I really got when I got him but he has surpassed any ideas I had with a new ram.  He is so sweet, and almost delicate.  Henry has taught him to eat crackers and cookies which isn't a bad thing.  Any time you need them - shake the cookie jar and here they come.  

I know he is going to give us some incredible lambs to add to our flock.