This is our little guy Hunter and I think he will make a great addition to my larger plan. 

I see in him some great color, a playful disposition, and a loving nature. For a ram that is a must have for me.

His size is right where I would like him. A bit on the stocky side, as well as compact.  So I have good expectations for him in the years to come.


This is who I call Tucker Brown or Tucker W and of course the "W" stands for an assortment of words like what are you doing, why are you, where are you, when are you.  That should tell you just what a problem child I have here. So, when he sees he has been caught, all I get is a glimpse of is his fat little butt because if he moves fast enough he thinks he's the wind.


Of course, to every dark side, there is a bright side. This was our trip to the state fair and he was a wonderfully behaved young ram. Received many comments on his confirmation, softness and willing spirit.  

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