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This is our little guy Luke he is an FP and I think he will make a great addition to my larger plan. 

I see in him some great color, a playful disposition, and a loving nature. For a ram that is a must have for me.

His size is right where I would like him. A bit on the stocky side, as well as compact.  So I have good expectations for him in the years to come.

s1 (2).jpg






This is who I have named Henry, he is an FP. Now,  from almost the moment I saw him I was impressed with the way he behaved and as he has not let me down so far.  He has an incredible disposition as well as a personality that you just can't help but fall in love with.

I hope he will continue to be a great addition for years to come.




This is my new Stanley, a C ram.  I wasn't counting on what I really got when I got him but he has surpassed any ideas I had with a new ram.  He is so sweet, and almost delicate.  Henry has taught him to eat crackers and cookies which isn't a bad thing.  Any time you need them - shake the cookie jar and here they come.  

I know he is going to give us some incredible lambs to add to our flock.





This is my little Peter. He was a product of the year of the Rams. He was suppose to go then backed out - it went on and on. So I have him and oh man am I glad I do. He's an A generation, and a sweeter little guy you couldn't ask for. He has turned out to be just about as perfect size, and color as I could ever want. 



This is who I call Lester, he and Peter are just the best of friends. They know every dog hole I have created in my fences. They will be places you imagined you would find not one but 2 rams. He is my B generation ram and this year he has certainly proven his worth at my house. He showed off his stuff by giving me some of the prettiest babies we have ever had. 

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