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​My Ewes 


She is the quietest of all my girls. She is a rated as a B, also the one that is the most patient. She never minds any of the business that has to be done, such as feet trimming or haircuts.


She is my busy body, maybe that is because she is a C. When she is out and about doing clean up around the property, she must come and see exactly what it is you are doing and can I get in the way.


She seems to be the smartest of all the girls, she is an FP and also seems to be the in-charge one. When something happens that is not quite to her liking she will give you a quick stomp of the foot to set things right again.



This is a girl I kept because it just seemed like the right thing to do. Now has she disappointed me in her confirmation, absolutely not. Not only in the way she looks but her color was such a shock.  I thought she was just black and white, no big deal but she has all these polka dots on her which is terrific.



This is still one of her baby pictures, she has become one of my nicest ewes. I kept her back as a replacement. Now from that I took her to the fair as a baby and she became like a grown up there. Maybe she learned to much there, but she was my babysitter for lambs when I weaned them and her and Kitty became the best of friends so now they get to stay together.


She went to the fair with me last year and she did so great. She has grown so much both in her personality as well as her size. I expect in a few years she will produce some very nice lambs.

Lulu Bell

She was my bottle baby, so like most of us she has such a special place in our hearts. I am going to add her to me flock and maybe in a few years when she finally settles in to being a sheep we will see where she fits in. 

fiona and baby 2022.jpg


She is a lamb I kept a few years back because I saw something in her I liked. I took her to the fair, she did quite well considering her competition. I like the way she is put together and her disposition very much. 

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