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Jill Brunsch
Central AZ

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I’m Jill Brunsch and I am the visionary behind Butterfield Barns. When I wanted to get some sheep again I thought long and hard and did a ton of research before I chose the Harlequin breed. To this point I have not been sorry I picked them. First the color of them is out of this world cute, and if I have to look at something I would like it to have some color and they certainly do. Next I didn’t want to deal with horns, and they don’t have them. Finally I wanted to have an animal that was small enough for me to handle by myself, and was friendly. These guys meet all those expectations. I couldn’t be happier with my flock. If you have any questions or would like to know more about owning your own lamb, please contact me.  Thanks and have the best day possible.

Pricing for 2022

F1- F2   EWES or RAMS 


FP      EWES - $400

           RAMS - $400

A        EWES - $600

          RAMS - $600

B         EWES - $700

            RAMS - $700

C         EWES - $800

            RAMS - $800

AP       EWES - $900

            RAMS - $900

    I reserve seller discretion

          on any lamb sales.

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