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I'm Jill Brunsch, the visionary behind Butterfield Barns.


When I wanted to venture into the sheep world, I thought long and hard and did a ton of research, before choosing the Harlequin breed. To this point I have not been sorry. First their markings are out of this world cute! Next, I did not want to deal with horns and aggression, therefore, this is the perfect breed. Finally, I wanted to have an animal that was small enough for me to handle alone and was friendly, these babies meet all those expectations! I could not be happier with my flock.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about owning your own lamb, please contact me. I am happy to share my passion with the up-and-coming sheep lovers.


Jill Brunsch
Buckeye, AZ

To ensure the lambs or sheep are placed appropriately, I may ask potential buyers about their experience with raising livestock, their facilities and their plans for the sheep. I also reserve the right to refuse sale if I feel the buyer is not a good fit or if I have concerns about their ability to provide proper care. Ultimately, my priority is the welfare of the livestock and will do what's necessary to place them in a safe and loving environment.

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