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Jill Brunsch
Buckeye, AZ

I’m Jill Brunsch and I am the visionary behind Butterfield Barns. When I wanted to get some sheep again I thought long and hard and did a ton of research before I chose the Harlequin breed. To this point I have not been sorry I picked them. First the color of them is out of this world cute, and if I have to look at something I would like it to have some color and they certainly do. Next I didn’t want to deal with horns, and they don’t have them. Finally I wanted to have an animal that was small enough for me to handle by myself, and was friendly. These guys meet all those expectations. I couldn’t be happier with my flock. If you have any questions or would like to know more about getting a lamb, please contact me.  Thanks

Pricing for 2020

F1-FP  EWES - $400

            RAMS - $350

A-B      EWES - $500

            RAMS - $450

C          EWES -$700

            RAMS - $650

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