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My 2024 Lambs

Bettyy left (2).jpg

These are my first lambs of the 2024 lambing season. The are Betty and Boomer, their mom is Kitty and their dad is Stanley. So they are an A generation, and in my opinion, just at cute and as good a representation of the breed as you will find. 

Boomer left.jpg
mama black boy.jpg
mama white boy.jpg

This is a set of triplets from Madeline and Willy. So they are A generation. Two little rams and a little ewe. 

lucy girl.jpg

She is Lucy and Stanley's first baby and was I ever surprised to see this color as well as the blue eyes on this little AP ewe

Then Lulu Bell and Peter followed along with their little B generation ewe, Lovey. I am not sure where she is getting all of her spunkyness but neither of them had as much as she has combined. From her front view I always think she is wearing a pair of pj's. 

lulu baby.jpg
bee white.jpg

Well if it wasn't enough to have one set of triplets along can a second set from Bea and Stanley. Yes, all three are AP ewe lambs.  So far this has been a great lambing season.

Here is another ewe for this season, she is Fiona's so with Lester as her dad that makes her a B generation. She showed up breach, which was pretty tricky. Her sister didn't make it unfortunately. But after all we went through that night I am grateful to have her and mom doing great. So of course her name just had to be Lucky...

web shot.jpg

Meet Candise and Colin, they are an A generation set of twins. They are just as sweet as 2 lambs can be and I expect they will become a great asset to your flock


Here is little Clover, she is also an A generation out of two spotted parents. Speckles and Rudy played the big shots while they were in the baby pen. So she was certainly a surprise when I noticed someone was going to have a baby.


Here we have Bonnie and Clyde. Yes that's what I named them. I am looking forward to seeing what they will do for my flock in the up coming years. Both are A generation so there is lots of room for growth in the generations to come for them. 

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