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My 2023 Lambs

Here are Matilda's babies.  Meet Sally and Steve. They are an A generation, and they will be the last babies for her. She will get to retire this year with acclaiming service to her record. 


Steve and Sally were born Janurary 28, 2023 and were part of the broken gate/great afternoon by my rams. So after DNA testing we will eventually know just who is the daddy.


This will also be Bea's last babies for us. She too will get to retire with service to us well beyond what we could have ever imaginged.  Thank you so much Bea. 

Meet Duke and Dolly, they were born Janurary 27 to Bea. They too were part of the broken gate afternoon so after the testing is finished they will know who they belong to. 


Meet my little Rockefeller, he was part of the "new plan" to add some extra flavor to the Harlequins for me, but I'm not sure! He has really different fleece much softer and already some great crimp in it compared to my other lambs and for that I may just keep him around. If I decide to register him he will be an F1


This is Kitty with her first baby ever. So, of course, she had to add to the year of the ram for me. He showed up February 8, actually right on time so I know who his dad is and I am quite proud of this little guy. Not that I have done all that much but he sure has a cute little face and some pretty cute little spots. 

Timmy is an A generation and I hope that he is the first in a long line of the lambs that she will have in her life.

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